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Thank you Grand Master Rony, for accepting me as a member of this mailist.

My name is Inge from Cinere – Depok (a suburb of Jakarta ). I knew QRAK for the first time in October, 2009 from a unique flyer about the QRAK workshop on November 7, 2009 - that was sent by Sanjiwani Prima via post. The envelope did not have complete address: no street name and no number of the house, but I received it.

I was retired in 2007 and had been an Accounting Manager since 1992 with 2 companies: 1992-1998 with company A and 1998-2007 with company B. I had had problems with ‘black power’ since 1993 because I had to reject fake expense reports almost every day. Many people in my office did not happy with my work-style. In May, 1993 I got dysentery and continued with a serious hemorrhoid. – I got serious bleeding every time I went to the toilet, at a certain time and certain place – only between 02.00 PM – 10.00 PM at the office and at home. After 9 months and 2 weeks (like pregnancy ) all the hemorrhoid and bleeding were gone. During that 9,5 months I had tried many ways: herbs, ‘holy water’ and of course prayers – but I did not go to see any doctor. I got a check from my conscience that such kind of ‘illness’ should not be operated. Once a victim of ‘dark power’ was touched by a scalpel, he or she would not be healed but would get worse sickness or even died.

The other attacks after 1994 were not so serious but made me have very stressful life. This high stress level could be read in the analysis of aura photo (enclosed).

I tried to find some ways to protect myself from the attack of ‘black power’. I attended Reiki Master workshops from 5 institutions, Karuna Master workshops from 2 institutions and also several other energy healing workshops starting from the year 2000. Anyhow until end of 2009 I was not able to avoid the attack of ‘black power’ – after I was retired, in 2008 I saw ‘white smoke’ in the living room of my ‘health studio’. I did the cleansing with the strongest energy I ever got – the negative energy was gone but since then almost no client came to my ‘health studio’.

On November 7, 2009 my husband (Embah Gambreng) attended the QRAK Workshop at Sanjiwani Prima. I did not join him because I had to be very careful with spending without any income. I read the book: QRAK by Grand Master Rony Irianto and got a check from my conscience that QRAK was the one that I had been seeking for more than nine years !!!

Before attending the QRAK workshop I visited QRAK Clinic Jakarta for a treatment. Since I was retired I had realized that one of my eyes could not see. The doctors called it cataract. I have been Sanjiwani’s client since end of 2002 and have tried many methods of treatments at Sanjiwani.

During the first treatment I could ‘see’ that there was ‘black smoke’ around my body and slowly bright blue light, pink light, green light, golden light and white light came to sweep the ‘black smoke’. I felt energy flow from the top of my head going down and coming out from the tips of my fingers and from my soles. It was so amazing..... ..

Sad to say, as the results of all the workshops I had attended I could ‘see’ energy and could know who sent the curses but I could not find a way to cleanse the curses.

Ms Jeanny advised me to attend the QRAK workshop for further cleansing. After attending the workshop I went to QRAK Clinic for third treatment – this time I only saw ‘grey smoke’ so I decided to attend the QRAK Retreat in Bali . After the third treatment I could see better although still with one eye, I could get the correct dimension – before the QRAK treatments I always got wrong dimensions of everything.

What happened during and after the retreat would be reported in my next email - it will be too long if I include in this email.

Enclosed please find copies of the aura analysis which were done:

1. before my retirement: we could see the tense, stressed condition (LOW green bar in the first bar chart), low physical energies (very low cyan, right bar in the second bar chart), unbalanced Mind-Body-Spirit Graph, no strong wave form movements in the Emotiometer

2. after attending QRAK Retreat: we could see the relaxed, harmonious state (HIGH-UP green bar in the first bar chart), the different energy channels are flowing in harmony (ALL BARS ARE EVEN in the second bar chart), relaxation (high green and cyan bars in the third bar chart), almost balanced Mind-Body-Spirit Graph, a little bit strong wave form movement inthe Emotiometer because I was still exited with what had happened during and after the QRAK retreat..... ...

I am very grateful that I am now a member of the QRAK Family.

THANK YOU Grand Master Rony Irianto, for the greatest gift you gave me for the New Year 2010.

Thank you the 3 QRAK Angels (Messrs. Jeanny, Novie and Lisa from the QRAK Clinic, Jakarta ) for introducing me to QRAK.

Thank you for the QRAK family in Bali, thank you for your hospitality during our stay in Bali .

Thank you for all of the members of this mail-list for spending your time reading my testimony.


QRAK greetings,


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